Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Grandmaster Training, Divine Boons, and Legendary Boons

I liked with 4th edition. I didn't think it was the greatest rpg of all time, but I definitely had a lot of fun playing it.

The 4E Dungeon Master 2 introduced alternate award ideas and I thought they were really cool. The three coolest were legendary boons, divine boons, and grandmaster training. Here's a quick description:

"Divine Boons 
Individuals who aid a deity’s holy cause receive wondrous, divine gifts. A particularly blessed character, or one who earns a deity’s gratitude, can gain a divine boon.
Legendary Boons
Great deeds can confer wondrous powers on individuals. A character could earn a legendary boon by bathing in the blood of an ancient dragon, reading a tome of esoteric knowledge, or solving the riddle of an immortal sphinx.
Grandmaster Training
The absolute master of a craft, such as an archmage or the greatest living swordmaster, can teach techniques and abilities that transcend a character’s normal limits."
Drizzt grandmaster training appeared in
the Neverwinter Campaign Setting

Mechanically in 4E, these rewards gave you new powers and bonuses like any other magic item. They were even statted like magic items. That being said they seem so much cooler to me than regular magic item. A +2 magical staff is cool, but learning one of Merlin's signature spells is cooler. Yeah I'd dig a magical sword, but I'd rather have D'artagnan teach me how to to an leaping sword attack.

I doubt these kind of pc rewards appear in the initial 5th edition books, but I think I'm going to include them. Expect to see homebrew boons and training in future posts.

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