Monday, July 14, 2014

Mastermind Monday - Etiliox, Imp Trickster

Today's Mastermind Monday features statistics and bit of background on the impish companion of Avarialus. These statistics are for Eti during the 1860's. After helping Avarialus ascend back to Heaven, Eti made his play for power in Hell and rose high in the infernal ranks. One day I'll write up his modern stats, but today he's just an imp in coyote's clothing.

Eti, Imp Sidekick

The imp Etiliox served for a millennia as the chief jester of the demon lord Zast. A clever and patient fiend, he bided his time. A fool in the eyes of his master, he was beneath contempt. This allowed him to gather information on Zast's schemes.The demon lord's plot to overthrow Heaven and Hell with the archangel Neros proved to be the perfect time to make his move.

Slipping free of Hell, Etiliox took the form of a coyote and came to the aid of the fallen angel Avarialus. Though the angel had no reason to trust Eti, he went along with his plans anyway, seeing no other option.

Though he's currently working against Hell, Eti is no hero. He's a demon through and through. Still he does find his angelic companion charming.

Etiliox - PL 4

Strength 1, Stamina 2, Agility 1, Dexterity 1, Fighting 3, Intellect 2, Awareness 1 , Presence 1

Defensive Roll 2, Jack of All Trades

Close Combat: Claws 2 (+5), Deception 4 (+5), Expertise: Magic 4 (+5), Perception 4 (+5), Stealth 4 (+9)

Claws (Strength-based damage 3) - 2 Points
Wings (Flight 2, 8 MPH, wings) - 2 Points
Fiendish Immunities (Immunity - Acid Damage, Aging, Cold Damage, Fire Damage, Poison, Disease) - 18 Points
Fiendish Senses (Senses - Darkvision)  - 2 Points
Imp Frame (Shrinking 4 - Innate , Permanent) - 5 Points
Animal Form (Morph 2 - Small animals) - 10 Points

Initiative +1
Claws +5, Close Damage 3

Enemies: Eti's master and his servants will stop at nothing to see the imp punished for his betrayal.

Uneasy Alliance: Eti knows that Avarialus doesn't trust him, which shows that the angel isn't as foolish as most of his kind.

Dodge 5, Parry 5, Fortitude 5, Toughness 2/4 (with Defensive Roll), Will 3

Power Points

Abilities 26, Powers 39,  Advantages 2, Skills 9 (18 ranks) + Defenses 7 =  83 Points

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