Saturday, January 17, 2015

Cinematic Mutant Ninja Turtles

OG Turtles
Surprisingly I like this...

I've been contemplating running some sort of TMNT game.  I've already discussed my love for the reptiles here. The main hindrance I've found is that I don't know what system to use. I have Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Other Strangeness, but after reading through it, I'm just not feeling the system.  Mutants and Masterminds (PL6 or so) would work fine, though I have a feeling the characters would be extremely similar. D20 Modern works (especially if you use Moreaus for mutants), but my friends didn't really care for that system. Then it hit me. Why not use my favorite rules set, cinematic unisystem?
Apes with Guns... Need I say more?

I think the system would work well to emulate the comics and movies. If you wanted the gritty classic turtles use the drama points system as usual or be even a bit stingy with awarding them. If you want the over the top feeling of the cartoon or newer movie, give them out liberally (especially for one-liners).

Many of the existing qualities from Ghosts of Albion, Buffy, and Angel work perfectly. Others should be ignored and a few more need made. As far as character types I think Human and Mutant will be what I go with. Human will be similar to whitehats, though I'll probably give them hero skill points. On the flipside mutant will have hero attribute and quality points, but will only have white hat skill points. Mutant will also be the catchall for non-human characters. Robots, aliens (such as the Triceratons), and other freaks will use Mutant values.

I know I get the idea to do things like this and it never comes to fruition. This may be another one of those, but hey I'll give it a shot.

Not a Horrible Look For A Cinematic Shredder
Cinematic Street Sharks Seem A Bit Scarier 

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