Saturday, June 20, 2015

Free RPG Day and Petty Gods

Unfortunately this year I'm unable to hit a shop for Free RPG Day. This makes me a bit sad, because I really wanted a DCC GM Screen. I have an out of town friend that's going to try to pick one up for me. I also want We Be Goblins Free, but I'm sure I'll be able to pick it up on Paizo's website in print soon enough (that's how I got We Be Goblins Too).

I'm still having a good day. My copy of Petty Gods came in today. I know most of you reading this already know about it (and some of you have contributed) but to the unenlightened Petty Gods is a massive 378 page work created by the old-school role-playing community. It contains 327 petty gods, 118 minions, knights, and servitors, 12 cults, dozens of new items and spells, plus a other helpful divine info. Because it wasn't created to make money, it's also extremely cheap. You can grab all nearly-400 pages for less than 14 dollars.  Even if you're not running a game with OSR rules, this book could prove to be quite useful. I'm going to use it to populate the Temple District in my Pathfinder Freeport game.

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