Tuesday, October 20, 2015

October Horror Movie Challenge - Exeter (2015)

Synopsis: During a party an an abandoned asylum, teens do an occult ritual and summon something connected to its dark past.

The Good: This movie had some nice gore and kills.

The Bad: The cast was just one cut-out cliche after another. I didn't really give a damn about any of them except the main character and his little brother.

Final Thoughts: This movie was very so-so. If you're into exorcism movies, you might dig it. One interesting thing about this movie is that they had access to their phones and the web. Typically in these kind of movies the cast is isolated due to outside influences. These characters chose not to call for help. Also, I thought it was interesting that they found exorcism directions on the web (which I'm sure are out there).

In Your Game: The plot sounds like a good Buffy episode or Hunter: The Vigil session.

New To Me Movies Watched: 18.5
Total Movies Watched: 22


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