Saturday, October 24, 2015

October Horror Movie Challenge - The Monster Squad (1987)

Synopsis: A group of monster loving kids get caught up in a plot involving Van Helsing's journal, a mystic artifact, and  the Lord of Darkness, Dracula (and his classic monster minions).

The Good: "Wolfman's got nards!" Seriously, this movie is just a blast. It's cheesy in all the right ways. It's got a lot of heart and is a great love letter to those of us that grew up loving monsters. Honestly the effects still look pretty good. It holds up nicely, nearly 30 years later.

The Bad: The kids use some language I'm not a fan of, but they were kids in the 80's so I give them a pass.

Final Thoughts: If you've never seen this, please do yourself a favor and watch it. It's currently on Netflix.

In Your Game: There are some great write-ups and advice on using Monster Squad in your game on Morgan's Unisystem page.

New To Me Movies Watched: 21.5
Total Movies Watched: 27


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