Monday, January 4, 2016

Itinerant Gentleman Adventurers - Session 3: Into The Caverns

You can read about session 1 here and session 2 here. Character descriptions are here.

Recovering from their betrayal at the hands of Brother Heinrick, the party once again sets off for the Caves of Chaos. They stop at the ambush site and lizard folk mound. Erevan says a few words over the bodies and Valkorne suggests they burn them to prevent them from rising as or attracting undead. Continuing on their path they were attacked by a pair of giant spiders. After finishing the monsters off they decided to rest and dine on spider flesh. Later that evening while resting for camp, they fought to bandits that were trying to ambush them. The let one of the bandits, Roscoe, live and learned more about their group (which was led by a bandit named Battlin' Belle). They set an ambush for the search party that would be looking for the two. They easily took out the three bandits and their lieutenant. The next morning went to Belle's camp. They easily took down one bandit and decided to parley with Belle. She was an attractive red head with a rather shrewd business-like manner. She left, but not before severely wounding one of her men (whom Valkorne finished off). A little later  the party arrived at the ravine with the Caves of Chaos. They entered the kobold's cave, sprung the pit trip, and faced off with several. After the fight they managed stumble into the kobolds' common room. Sixteen kobolds were hidden waiting for an ambush. The party spotted them and had to decide if they were going to fight or flee. They decided to fight and while they took down several of the scaly warriors, Valkorne and Erevan were ko'd. Alton escaped, trying out the entrance and the session ended with the brave halfling plotting his next move.

  • Stew wasn't there, so Valkorne was on auotpilot.
  • Valkorne is using the updated Blood Hunter and it's a vast improvement on the first draft Witch Hunter.
  • I'm not normally bothered by spiders but the discussion that led to the spiders being devoured bugged me (no pun intended). According to Andrew Zimmern it's a bit like shellfish. All of this was made worse by the fact that Chad said the silk glands were supposed to be a creamy tasty part.
  • Roscoe the bandit wasn't very smart.
  • Battlin' Belle was not amused with Alton's flirtations. During the discussion Everan made a comment that the party weren't fans of killing people. Alton sort of shrugged at that and Valkorne said he kind of liked it.
  • Everan had a comedic breakdown when Belle shot her fellow bandit.
  • Josh wanted to attack the kobolds, Chad didn't. However, when he saw that they just had slings, he thought they might be able to take them. Unfortunately kobolds also are fast, despite their size and they closed the gap in a round. 
  • The party still might have been able to take out the kobolds if I hadn't rolled three crits in a row. Also, my non crit attacks were doing max damage.
  • The kobolds didn't kill the fallen party members because they want to try to ransom them off.
  • I have a great plan for how the Alton can rescue his friends.
Our next session should be the 17th, but unfortunately I have to work. It looks like the 31st will be the next time we play.

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