Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Men & Monsters of Ethiopia for 5E

+Skirmisher Publishing LLC  have released a new release for 5E that has me excited. The book Men & Monsters of Ethiopia contains many new npcs and monsters, based on a fascinating non-Western European culture.

In the pdf you'll find:
  • 17 new types of monsters (presented in 29 stat blocks)
  • Discussion of how to use existing Monster Manual monsters in an Ethiopian setting
  • Discussion focused on using several of the NPCs from the Monster Manual in an Ethiopian setting (and including new stats for dervishes, merchants, pilgrims, nomads, and villagers)
  • Brief sections on religion and animals
  • Encounter tables that include the monsters from book
The pdf is 53 (which includes OGL, a page of advertising, and design credits). The monsters seem to be well constructed (though having just purchased the book I've not seen them in gameplay yet). If you're like me and want to include more non-western European content in your game, this is a product for you.

Arwean Dragon

Giant Hippopotamus  
Cave Halfling

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