Friday, April 15, 2016

Maze of the Blue Medusa

+Zak Sabbath of Playing D&D With Porn Stars and +Patrick Stuart  of False Machine have a new book coming out via Satyr Press and I can't wait to get it. Here's the description from the site:

Infinite broken night. Milky alien moons. Wavering demons of gold. Held in this jail of immortal threats are three perfect sisters...

Maze of the Blue Medusa is a dungeon. Maze of the Blue Medusa is art. Maze of the Blue Medusa works with your favorite fantasy tabletop RPGs. And Maze of the Blue Medusa is the madly innovative game book from the award-winning Zak Sabbath of A Red & Pleasant Land and Patrick Stuart of Deep Carbon Observatory. Lethal gardens, soul-rending art galleries, infernal machines—Maze of the Blue Medusa reads like the poetic nightmare of civilizations rotted to time, and plays like a puzzle-box built from risk and weird spectacle. Art by Zak Sabbath; text by Patrick Stuart and Zak Sabbath.

Maze of the Blue Medusa is a 7.5" wide and 9" tall Smyth sewn hardcover book that features: 288 full-cover pages; full-color endpapers featuring tables, maps, and art; foil stamping on the front cover and spine; hand-tipped debossed images on the front and back covers; a jet black cloth cover; FSC-certified interior paper stock; and a bookmark ribbon. And it's being printed in Canada by Friesens. For more information, click here.

There's also a short teaser video:

Zak has released some of my favorite indie books, namely Vornheim: The Complete City Kit, A Red and Pleasant Land, and the anniversary edition of Death Frost Doom. I love his prose, but his visual art is amazing as well. I'm not as familiar with Patrick's work, but I've heard great things about Fire on the Velvet Horizon and Deep Carbon Observatory sounds fantastic. I'll be picking them up soon.


  1. I have to get this. I had no idea the print form was so baller.