Tuesday, April 19, 2016

P is for Pale Ales

"If you ask me, the worst part about being undead is not that you've died. We all die. It's that your forced to exist in a sober state. I've heard rumors of undead spirits. No, not those kinds of spirits. Booze my friend, booze for recently deceased."

-Cade Ashworthy

Pale Ale is the nickname for various types of necromantically enchanted beers designed for undead consumption. All pale ales share a few things in common. Because of the necromantic infusion, they ignore the poisoned condition immunity common to all undead (meaning, yes they can get undead creatures drunk). In addition, because of this infusion, any living creature that drinks them takes 4 (1d6) necrotic damage. In all other aspects, these brews follow standard alcohol rules (including my house rules).

Revenant's Respite

This traditional pale ale was originally created by an adventuring necromancer for revenant friend. It's an average strength beer (DC 10 constitution saving throw) and while it isn't common, at least a few bottles can typically be found in most cities. The average price for a small cask is 25 gp, though it can be much higher in puritanical cities.

Ghoul's Breath

This fetid beer has a meaty flavor. Brewed with shredded flesh, this disgusting concoction is favored by ghouls, ghasts, and other flesh-eaters. The constitution saving throw DC for Ghoul's Breath is 15. A creature that starts it's round within 5 ft of open container of ghoul's breath must make a DC 12 constitution saving throw or gain poisoned condition until the beginning of their next turn.

Blood Beer

While vampires are known to drink blood infused wine, blood beer exists too (especially among rural vampires). t's an average strength beer (DC 10 constitution saving throw). In addition, a cask provides a vampire with an amount of sustenance equal to that of an average human adult.


  1. Very cool flavor to these (no pun intended...seriously) and a really neat concept. Related to the quote and the theme, I once heard a guy with a history of alcoholism say that his version of hell would be getting put into a room with just two beers. So, you're definitely onto something here.

    1. The idea came to me yesterday and I really liked it, so I went with it.

  2. these might be your best yet. so cool. you have to include them in your next halloween-themed adventure.