Thursday, May 19, 2016

Curse of Strahd - Session 5

The Party 
Victor Luna (CG human Oath of Vengeance Paladin) - The de facto leader of the group, Victor is a ceaseless hunter and protector of the innocent.

Adrick Balgart (CG human Light cleric) - Cleric of Lathander, branded a heretic, he seeks redemption and revenge against the creatures of the night

Simon Barhorn (CN half-elf bard) - Self-serving, yet charismatic, Simon is the party's spokesperson.

Session 5

Though Simon fell in the conflict, the party successfully defeated Strahd's wolves. Ismark and Ireena fought with particular fervor and impressed the party.

At the gates of Vallaki they learned quite a bit about the village: it's wolf problem, the burgomaster's obsession with festivals, and the political unrest.

The party split up. Victor and Adrick traveled to St. Andral's Church while Simon and the Barovians went to the Blue Water Inn.

At St. Andral's, the divine agents met Father Lucien, Yeska, and sullen Milivoj. They learned of the missing bones of St. Andral and Victor was able to coerce their whereabouts from Milovoj. Feeling for the young man, he gave him some gold to care for his siblings. Adrick learned more about vampires from Father Lucien.

Simon met a kindred soul at the inn, Rictavio, a half-elf carnival barker. The bards and siblings shared some drinks. I decided to use my new drinking rules. Ismark and Ireena managed to get themselves quite inebriated and turned in early.

The party met back up at the inn and shared leads. They decided to retrieve the bones of St. Andral from the coffin maker. However, before confronting him they decided to stop at the toymaker's shop. Gadof Blinksy has become my new favourite premade npc. He's just so much fun to voice.The discovered dolls that looked shockingly similar to Ireena. Simon was able to convince Blinksy to part with one and a Strahd von Zarovich ventriloquist dummy (which I can't wait for Simon to use in Strahd's presence). They also promised to look for "Von Weerg's myasterpiece" in Castle Ravenloft.

The found the coffin maker's shop barred, but Victor broke down the door. They found the man, Henrick, to be a sad lonely sod. He confessed to making a deal with a noble, showed them where the bones were, and let them know about the vampires hiding in the storeroom. The party shouldn't have confronted them. Six challenge 5 vampire spawn verses three 3rd level characters (without magic weapons)... It should have been a slaughter, but somehow they managed to kill one of them and not totally exhaust their resources.

The session ended with a tactical retreat to the bottom of the stairs, bottle necking the spawn on the stairs.

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