Tuesday, October 18, 2016

October Horror Movie Challenge - Stake Land (2010)

Synopsis: Due to a mysterious plague, America has become infested with vampires. The film follows roving hunter, Mister, and an orphan that he saved and has begun training as they search for a safe community.

The Good: Nick Damici, who plays Mister, is a phenomenal actor and writer. I watched two of his films for last year's challenge, Mulberry St and Late Phases. Connor Paolo is fantastic as Martin, the orphan narrator. There were some neat concepts too, like vamp teeth being used as currency.

The Bad: I have nothing negative to say about this film. It's one of my top five favourite vampire movies. 

Final Thoughts: Ultimately this is a zombie movie with vampires. I think in general both types of horror movies have been played out, but Stake Land does a good job of mixing the too and making it fresh.

In Your Game: If you're playing All Flesh Must Be Eaten, I've got your Stake Land vamps here. If you're playing Cinematic Unisystem the vamp quicksheets in Buffy or Angel will do, though you should decrease the intelligence to 1.

Life Points: 61
Drama Points: 10

Strength: 4
Dexterity: 3
Constitution: 5
Intelligence: 3
Perception:  4
Willpower: 4

Vampire (Demon) Hunter (+4)
Fast Reaction Time (+2)
Hard to Kill (+5)
Natural Toughness (+2)
Nerves of Steel (+3)
Resistance; Pain (+5)
Situational Awareness (+2)

Adversary (Brotherhood) 3 (-2)
Humorless (-1)

Crime 3
Doctor 1
Getting Medieval 4
Gun Fu 3
Kung Fu 4
Mr. Fix-It 1
Notice 4
Occultism 3

Maneuvers:          Bonus     Damage           Notes
Dodge                        7         None           Avoid getting hit

Punch                         7           8               Bash
Knife                          7           8               Slash/stab
Pistol                          6          12              Bullet
Stake                          7           8               Slash/stab

New To Me Movies Watched: 17
Total Movies Watched: 27

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