Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Living Dead and the Great Collapse: A Zombie Story

The zombie Hill family
I know that zombies are everywhere, but I've decided to introduce you fine folks to some All Flesh Must Be Eaten inspiration that may have flown under your radar.

My friend Mikal kHill, has a great zombie apocalypse themed album, The Living Dead and the Great Collapse: A Zombie Story (formerly known as The Walking Dead, which is a reference to an earlier kHill song, not the comic of the same name).

The 12 track album tells the story an outbreak, from kHill's perspective. It starts at his home, heads into Charlotte, and finally back to his home. This album is a bit surreal for me to listen to. I'm friends (or at least acquaintances) with several of the folks mentioned and have been to some of the locations, such as the World Famous Milestone Club. You should definitely give it a listen (and purchase it while you're at it).

For your All Flesh Game:
All right, so how does this fit into All Flesh? The album is a very personal take on what happens in a Romero style outbreak. It gives a glimpse of how folks break down (and potentially rise up depending on your views) during a zombie crisis. If you'd like some classic shamblers as presented by The Living Dead and the Great Collapse: A Zombie Story, you're in luck, coincidentally I just made them.
The Great Collapse Dead

DPs: 26                               Strength: Dead Joe Average

EPs: n/a                              Senses: Like the Dead

Spd: 2                                 Sustenance: Daily; All Flesh Must Be Eaten

Skills: Brawling 2               Intelligence: Dumb as Deadwood

Attack: Bite damage           Spreading the Love: One Bite and Your Hooked
d4 X 2 (4) slashing

Weak Spot: The Brain        Getting Around: Slow and Steady
Power: 13

These guys are very much  your standard Romero zombies. I really didn't do a lot of work with the stats honestly (and if you play All Flesh, you'll probably realize that quickly).

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