Thursday, December 8, 2016

Incoming VIP's (Very Infected People)

Even though I've not played Zombicide yet, I've already snagged a few expansion sets. Each VIP (Very Infected People) pack contains 20 VIP walkers (featuring five different sculpts). The Special Guest pack contains two new player characters (in survivor and zombivor form).

VIP #1 and 2 and Special Guest Miguel Coimbra Packs
Peach the Prom Queen and Kevin the Undercover Cop (Survivor and Zombivor)
VIP #1 (Goth, Butcher, Pimp, Wiener Mascot, Nurse)
VIP #2 (Cop, Punk, Construction Worker, Santa, Sailor)
Since it's the holiday season I wanted to give a close up of zombie Saint Nick.

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