Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Spawn of Kyuss (AFMBE)

D&D's Spawn of Kyuss would make a great addition to a Dungeons and Zombies game.

Spawn of Kyuss

DPs: 26                               Strength: Dead Joe Average

EPs: n/a                              Senses: Like the Dead

Spd: 2                                 Sustenance: Who Needs Food

Skills: Brawling 2               Intelligence: Dumb as Deadwood

Attack: Bite damage           Spreading the Love: Worms of Kyuss*
d4 X 2 (4) slashing

Weak Spot: None               Getting Around: Slow and Steady

Power: 25                           Special: Nest 1
*This is a variation of One Bite and You're Hooked. A creature damaged by a spawn of Kyuss (by class, bite, or nest) is infected with a necrotic Kyuss worm parasite. The parasite will burrow into the characters brain in 10 rounds. They can be removed with a very difficult application of a medical skill (which will also do damage as the worm is cut from the victim). Spawn of Kyuss can also infect already dead corpses with these worms.


  1. That's really awesome. Always liked these guys. I plan on totally stealing this.

    1. I think an Age of Worms Dead World would be a great game.