Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Buried Zikurat

Overview: The Buried Zikurat is the second part of Kevin Watson's Haunting of Hastur series. You can read my thoughts on the first one here. It's for a party of characters level 6-8. It has an implied setting, but is easy to import into any game. A zikarut has been discovered by a clay mining operation and the pc's are hired to investigate.

Layout: Each room of the zikarut is presented in a simple and useful layout like this:

# - Name of Room
Ingress/Egress: how to get in and out of the room and where it leads
Description: Detailed description for the DM.
Players: Descriptions for players:
Lore: History of the room. Not all room descriptions feature this.

Crunchy Bits: 1 new monster (Nexus Guardian), 1 new spell (Destroy Stone), 3 new magic items (Boots of Formene, Cloak of Formene, Ring of Elvenkind)

 Thoughts: This adventure is full of puzzles/riddles.  This is a nice change of pace from most published adventures I see, which are light on encounters like that. However, if those aren't your players' style they can just fight nexus guardians to get past locks.

I like Kevin's take on elves. In particular the Formene's are an interesting version of "dark elves." They live underground, but they are definitely not Lolth-worshiping spider-kissers.

Overall, I think this is a fun adventure with a nice connection to otherworldly horrors. It's got a mythos vibe, but not a beat you over the head with tentacles mythos while you're looting the random dungeon type.

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