Friday, February 3, 2017

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress - Anti-Kabane Weapons

Created by the Kabaneri steamsmith, Ikoma, the following weapons have been designed specifically to overcome a Kabane's unnatural defenses.

Tsuranuki Zutsu

This weapon was created to pierce the iron hearts of Kabane. It is essentially a high powered steam rivet gun that uses gunpowder to eject "jet bullets" with enough force to pierce the iron-covered heart of a Kabane. The gun must essentially be fired at point blank range to have any affect on Kabane.

The Tsuranuki Zutsu deals 20 Slash/Stab damage and ignores 5 points of armor.

Kabane Katana

The Kabane Katana is another anti-Kabane weapon forged by Ikoma. After Kurusu broke his katana attempting to pierce the heart of a Wazatori, Ikoma reforged the blade, coating it with iron from a Kabane's heart.

The katana does 4 X Strength Slash/Stab damage and ignores 5 points of Armor.

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