Thursday, March 16, 2017

New Guardian - The Wandering Nephil

I wanted to try statting out a higher level character in Guardians so here's Kid Nephil's father, The Wandering Nephil

THE WANDERING NEPHIL (Nathaniel "Neph" Avery)
Supernatural Power Wielder (7th level)
Str 12 (0) Int 15 (1) Wis 11 (0) Dex 13 (1) Con 16 (2) Cha 14 (1)
Gifts: Leader, Occultist, Detective, Medical Background, Police Powers
Powers: Flight, Ultimate Healing, Ultimate Regeneration, Ultimate Super Striker (Smiter), Life Support
Limits: Empathic Healing, Vulnerable to Heat
Issues: Enemy (Neros the fallen archangel)
Gadgets: None
Equipment: Leather Jacket, Smiter (+5 to hit, 4d6+5 damage)
HP: 48 EP: 17 ST: 6 AC 8/12
Languages: English, Latin Profession: Doctor

New Limit: 

Empathic: This (luckily) rare limit typically only applies to the healing power. When the character uses this power, they effectively take the wounds and injuries they are healing into themselves. They take a point of damage for every HP they heal.

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