Sunday, May 21, 2017

White Box Gothic

White Box Gothic by Barrel Rider Games is everything you need to bring Hammer Horror into your White Box game.

The book starts with an introduction to horror and then gives us several new classes.  These classes are:

Monster Hunter - Like Captain Kronos or Van Richten, these fighting men (and women) are trained to track down and destroy the creatures of the night. Each Monster Hunter picks a specialty.
Metaphysician - This is a man of supernatural science. They learn forsaken lore, get some spells, and can turn undead.
Spiritualists - These individuals have a connection to the dead. They can interact with the spectral and turn incorporeal undead.
Wanderer - These nomadic folks are survivors that use luck, trinkets picked up, and eventually a bit of magic to stay alive.
Dhampir - This class is for the children of vampires and mortals. Want to play Blade? Now you can.
Reanimated - Ever wanted to play Frankenstein's Monster? If so, this racial class lets you do just that.

The second chapter is short, but to the point. It has rules common in horror games, mainly corruption, dread, and curses. The third chapter includes a small selection of spells. Some of these are perfect tools for those fighting against the darkness. Others make the servants of darkness even more powerful. There are also several new magic items suited for horror games. My favourite is bottled courage, which basically gets you drunk, but makes you immune to fear. Many of these items can be used by all classes, which makes them quite useful.

The final chapter includes 15 new monsters. Most of these are classic monsters and opponents, like cultists and werebats. We're also presented with the vampire lord and bride stats, for those of you that what Dracula. Another particularly nasty monster is the plaything, which is like Chucky from the Child's Play films.

If you play White Box or any version of Basic and love horror, this is a book you need. It's a nice tool box. Again, if you want Hammer Horror in your games, get this asap. Here's a magic item I created after reading it: Killer's Caress.

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