Monday, May 22, 2017

Monstrous Monday - Basal Thrull

Basal Thrull
Armor: 12,  HD: 2 (8 HP), Movement 12, 1 claw (1d4 damage) Morale 8

Stronger than blood pets, basal thrulls were the first successful thrulls. Created by mixing alchemy and necromancy, these hideous wretches were created for ritual sacrifice. They can be used in any ritual that requires sentient sacrificial victims. In addition, magic-users can perform a short ritual sacrifice using a basal thrull in order to regain one use of a previously 1st or 2nd level spell. Once the ritual is complete the magic user has a 5 in 6 chance to regain a 1st level spell and a 3 in 6 chance to regain a 2nd level. This ritual takes 1 round to complete.

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