Monday, July 31, 2017

HasCon 2017 Exclusives

I am not going to Hascon 2017, but damn do I wish I could to grab some of the exclusives.

No these can't be used in tournaments, but they are still badass official Magic: The Gathering cards. I'd love to have the Sword of Dungeons and Dragons and think about the fun Commander decks that could be built around Grimlock!

I am not a Brony. I've never watched My Little Pony. That being said I have no issues with folks that are (as long as your not making creepy sexual fan art that's easy for kids to stumble upon). I just really like bright pretty colors and black. I made a recent comment to friends that I'm a goth unicorn.

You can see more exclusives (including a Transformers toy that can actually charge your phone) here.

1 comment:

  1. These are great, and the fun that Hasbro is having in general with mixing their properties (like in the comic universe) is...well, fun! (Those SDCC Revolution action figures look pretty awesome, too.)

    Also, the Goth Unicorn should be a superhero. Or villain. It kinda sounds like something you could have rolled up on a random name generator...!