Monday, August 21, 2017

Heading Out To the Stars

I bit the bullet and bought the Starfinder pdf from Paizo. It's really damn big, clocking in at 532 pages. While I'm not as keen on my Pathfinder as I used to be, I know that there are several big changes that have some Pathfinder players I know leery and/or less interested in it. Once I've delved deeper into the book I'll share more thoughts.

Until then, enjoy some videos that are getting me more pumped for Starfinder.

I've shared these before but these Destiny 2 trailers show that their are still murder hobos even in space.

This is the opening animation to the underrated, overshadowed, and now free-to-play Battleborn. It's a catchy tune and the animation is gorgeous. Also, it's very Starfinder because it has space elves.

Finally these Doom trailers are just badass (and Doom is listed as a source of inspiration in the back of the book).

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