Tuesday, August 22, 2017

#RPGADAY2017 - Day 22

Day 22: Which RPG are the easiest for you to run?

 I'm not sure if my players would agree with this, but I think my supers games are my best. Even if I'm not always up on the rules I find that supers games are the easiest for me to run.  It's just who I am. Sure I love D&D and fantasy, but when you really break it down I want to live in a world full of heroes. I've been reading comics and watching superhero cartoons since I was a wee little Pun. It doesn't take much for me to come up with characters and plot. I'm not saying all my ideas are a hundred percent original, but let's be honest, seems like most hero stories "borrow" from previous ones anyway.


  1. "I've been reading comics and watching superhero cartoons since I was a wee little Pun."

    For me, with this genre, it's the exact opposite - I've been so immersed in the genre for so long that I have very set ideas of how these things should go... and if they don't it knocks me for a loop.

    However, with fantasy etc, because I'm not so married to the genre I'm a lot more flexible.

  2. For me, the superhero genre is hardest to run. Besides fighting super villains, what do you do - save cats from trees?

    1. My favourite comics were always Teen Titans and X-Men, which were (for me at least) just as much about character drama and such as action. I used to refer to those books as my soaps.

    2. I watch Teen Titans Go with my kids. It's quite enjoyable, albeit extremely silly.

    3. I watch that sometimes with my son. I laugh because I used to complain that the first Teen Titans cartoon on CN was too silly and then they launched Teen Titans Go. It still has some fun references to the rest of the DCU. Justice League Action on Cartoon Network is really good, but it's only on Saturday mornings.