Tuesday, October 3, 2017

October Horror Movie Challenge - Abbatoir (2016)

Synopsis: After the tragic murder of her family, a reporter becomes caught up in a mystery surrounding a community and man building the ultimate haunted house. 

The Good: I think the actors did a great job. Jessica Lowndes is great as the lead and I really liked her detective love interest, played by Joe Anderson. Lin Shaye and Dayton Callie are in this film as well and as always they do a great job. 

The Bad: The movie is a slow burn and you don't actually see the house until the final 15 minutes of the film. I don't want to spoil the ending, but let's just say I thought it was a bit predictable.

Final Thoughts: I liked this one, but it's slow and I'm sure it's not for everyone. Personally I think it's worth watching just for Dayton Callie's performance, even though he's not in the film until later in the story. Also, I kind of went into this expecting something like 13 Ghosts. Other than the eccentric old collector angle, it's not really that similar in style or tone.

In Your Game: I think the plot of this film would make a great story arc in a modern supernatural game. 

New To Me Movies Watched: 7
Total Movies Watched: 8

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