Friday, March 23, 2018

A-Z Challenge 2018

Damn... it's almost April and I don't have a theme for my challenge yet. I have a few ideas.

  1. Portsmaw - Continue with last year's theme. I could work on fleshing it out or do 5E content.
  2. Six-Shooters & Wagons - It would be fun to do all sorts of tweaks and additions to my new western hack of Continual Light.
  3. Light City - While I don't want to straight copy +Jonathan Linneman's previous A-Z (which is the one that first drew me to his blog), an A-Z of public domain supers could be fun. I could also do Light City stats for non-public domain heroes, to be honest. You know the ones I want to stat and folks would use, but I can't officially publish stats for them.
Which would you like to see more? For those that read my blog, is there something else I've tackled in the past you'd like to see?


  1. My personal vote would be for a month of themed Six-Shooters & Wagons pieces, as that's your baby, so this would be a good excuse to show it off, test its limits etc...

  2. I officially cast 1/3 of a vote for all three. Now that I'm officially a mountain man, I'm especially psyched about seeing Portsmaw fleshed out. SS&W, though, is new and awesome, and I'd love to see the different angles you take on the Western theme. And with all of that said, I'll never say no to more public domain/OSR/Light City superhero material to chew on!

    (Whatever it is, I'll read it!)