Friday, March 23, 2018

Goblumphs... Yeah You Read That Right

Today I discovered Dungeonous Octopus and their very peculiar brand of fun. I was looking at 5E material and stumbled across their free Slugs book. I was wondering if it would be similar to another free giant mollusk book I love. It is not, but its still well written, entertaining, and could be useful if you want some weird. And that's when I found it. I saw the date it was released. I read the description. And despite that, I had to have it...  Exotic Races: Goblumphs

Here's the product description:

Have you ever wanted to play as an ungodly hybrid of goblin and flumph?
Of course you haven't, you’re a fine upstanding citizen. But now that you can, maybe you should, maybe it’s an experience you didn’t even know you wanted, until right now.

Exotic Races: Goblumphs presents the player race nobody asked for, and Octopus Apocalypse delivered. Learn the secrets of the lowly goblumph, plus new feats and spells.

If you buy only one roleplaying product this year, Exotic Races: Goblumphs technically meets that description.

This pdf presents a new race, that should not exist. It's entirely unnecessary. However, it's very well constructed and I have a soft spot for weird things. Seriously, I love flumphs and I've been a goblin fan boy since I started playing 2nd edition and Magic: The Gathering. Yeah, I'm a goblin hipster. I liked them before Paizo made them cool in Pathfinder. 

Statwise Goblumphs gets bonuses to Dex and Wis and a penalty to strength. They are humanoids and have the goblin subtype, but they are also considered aberrations. They honestly get some pretty cool features (that I don't want to spoil, because you should buy the pdf).

Do you need this pdf? No. Should you buy it? Well if you're a fan of the weird or a flumph aficionado like myself, then abso-fricken-lutely.

I've decided to do a few posts about these weird bastards. Come back tomorrow for Goblumph monster stats for 5e. 

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