Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Mermaid's Blessing Kickstarter

The Mermaid's Blessing is a new 5th edition adventure for a party of 5 to 6 5th to 6th level characters. The party is summoned to a poor island nation (that has a pirate connection so you know I'm sold), by an old friend that's unwittingly unleashed an aquatic evil onto the island. The party has to find a way to defeat it and save the day.

The adventure is designed to be played in 5-6 sessions and sounds pretty cool to me (especially as someone that loves pirates and ocean adventures). It will include many interesting NPC's and monsters (including some new monsters), new magic items, eight full-color maps. A new Warlock patron for NPC's and villainous religion is also a part of the adventure, which has definitely piqued my interest.

From what I picked up from the adventure's description there are many ways to add this to existing settings.  Of course the first place my mind goes is to the world of Freeport. The island could be between Freeport and the mainland. Zaltara could be a part of  the Nelanther  Isle. It could just as easily be an isolated island in the Trackless Sea. In Greyhawk, I'd say its somewhere in the Azure Sea.

The adventure is written and edited. The modest $500 dollar goal (which is 70% funded at the time of the post)  is to pay for additional art, maps, layout, and design. The adventure is already written and fully edited. There are 23 days (again as of the time of this post) for it to be funded. I'd love to see it hit its various stretch goals so that the city and island could be expanded. Even if it's not though, this one sounds like a lot of fun to me. This project is definitely getting my gold pieces and I think you should check it out too.

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  1. Looks like Kuo-Toa in the illustrations. Who doesn't like to do battle with them in the dark waters? Get in on the KickStarter now to unlock some awesome add-ons like fleshing out the city and surrounding island!