Friday, June 1, 2018

More Great Stuff From Jeremy Hart

I've talked about Jeremy Hart's work before. You can check out more samples of his work by checking out his May Silver Drop. Consider supporting him on Patreon. Here are the tiers:
  • Copper ($1+) - Stat page, pdf version of completed book at the end of the  year
  • Silver (2+) - Previous plus fluff page, black and white standee (for tabletop), black and white VTT (for online games)
  • Gold (5+) - Previous plus .png of creature with transparent background, permission to use art in your own projects
  • Platinum (7+) Previous plus .psd of creature to use in own projects, permission to use the lore, seeds, ecology, etc. in your own projects
Here are small samples of what the pages look like. Click the May Silver Drop link above for the full versions.

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