Thursday, March 1, 2018

Jeremy Hart's Creature Features Review

(Updated info about the Hound of Tindalos Lord)

Today I would like to direct everyone's attention to Jeremy Hart's Creature Feature releases for 5e. Disclaimer: Jeremy sent me pdfs of most of the current releases to review.
These inexpensive pdfs can be used to introduce some fantastic new beasts into your D&D game. Each pdf uses a nice formula. The first page includes "fluffy bits." Jeremy gives nice fleshed out descriptions and backgrounds for each new monsters. We get a nice physical description, lore, ecology, and finally adventure seeds. The second page includes the "crunchy bits." Here we get the game stats, really good artwork, and a size comparison chart (comparing the creature to a standard human). Next we get a printable standee of the monster, because miniatures and standees are super fun to use in games. The last page includes the legal stuff that creators have to include.

Here are the monsters released so far:

Tatterdemalion Lich - Magic Jar is a scare spell and this monsters shows why. Of the releases, I think this one has my favourite artwork. I just love the Slender Man meets Mysterio art.
Lord of the Hounds of Tindalos  - Intelligent and powerful, these beings exist outside of time and regular space. Those that know of them have a tendency to go mad trying to ward them off.
Enraged Fallen Celestial - This one is a beast. What happens when an angel falls? Things die. Lots of things die. I love that these things can be a total mind-fuck to players. This release is the most challenging of them.
Mantid Stitch Golem - These Silent-Hill-esque monstrosities aren't classic constructs but rather necromantic creations (meaning they are undead). Mid level threats, these things can leap and creep up on unsuspecting adventurers.
Arboreal Stalker - I like to include monsters like this in my game. They are the classic, you mess with mother nature, she mess back.
Protocol Imp - By far this is my favourite in the series. I always knew that lawyers were from Hell. I have to start including these guys in my game. I really like the idea of one being a freelance legal consultant in a metropolis.
Lurking Glutton - You can never have to many voracious aberrations right? I love the portable hole/bag of devouring speculation.
Unseelie Psychopomp - The woods are dangerous and made more so by these unseelie servants of dark fey that wither and corrode those they meet.

If you want more monsters for your game, you should look into picking these up. I don't think you'll regret your decision.

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