Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Six-Shooters & Wagons Preview - The Gunslinger Class

After some discussion I'm contemplating turning Six-Shooters & Wagons into a full fledge alternate version of Swords & Wizardry Continual Light. There's definitely enough material and I have enough ideas to justify the change. If I make the change it'll take longer for me to release it. For that reason, I thought I'd give a preview of one of the new classes.

In a lot of ways, gunslingers are glass cannons. Sure they hit hard and fast, but they have magic-user hit points and can't take too many hits themselves.

While they might not be as tough as a professional blue coat, nobody wields the irons quite like an honest to god, bonafide gunslinger.

  Level                      HD                           BHB                         Save

1                              1                              +1                            15

2                              1+1                         +2                            14

3                              2                              +3                            13

4                              2+1                         +4                            12

5                              3                              +5                            11

6                              3+1                         +6                            10

7                              4                              +7                            9

Gunslingers are proficient in hold outs and pistols.

Quick Draw: Gunslingers are faster than lighting on the draw. When determining initiative, the gunslinger's party gains a +1 bonus. This bonus increases by one at 3rd and 6th level.

Back up: Eventually gunslingers learn that sometimes it takes more than your trusty iron to save your life. At 2nd and 4th level they can choose another weapon to gain proficiency in.

Two Gun Kid: At 3rd the gunslinger learns to fire two pistols a turn. They have a –5 penalty on the second attack.


Also, these guys would be perfect two-gun pulp heroes if you want to go that route in Light City.


  1. Nice and elegant! And good use of Magnificent Seven (and Shadow) imagery ;-)

    1. Thanks Tim! I tried to keep this one simple because in my opinion a gunslinger should be good at one thing: shooting guns. If you want to be a better rounded cowboy, take another route.