Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Supers Inspiration - Lucha Underground

If you are looking for some good inspiration for a street level supers game (like The Vigilante Hack) or a modern supernatural game (like cinematic unisystem), Lucha Underground is great. Most modern wrestling shows are wrestling with some drama thrown in. Lucha Underground is a drama series centered around wrestling. Don't get me wrong, the athletic feats the luchadors and luchadoras do are amazing, but honestly, the plot is the main focus. The stories are also more coherent because all of the plot pieces are filmed after the wrestling is taped.

The  main story centers around a wealthy man with a dark past that starts an underground fighting pit to offer blood and sacrifices to the gods. He's shown to have ties to some sort of dark figures (possibly demons or evil gods). The series has magical items, a dragon, an alien, and much more. Seriously, this is some good stuff.

The first two seasons are on Netflix. Considering season 2 debuts on El Rey tomorrow, I really hope season 3 shows up on Netflix soon.


  1. This looks amazing, but sadly it isn't shown anywhere in the UK that I can find (although searching Netflix did lead me to a couple of lucha documentaries which are now in my queue).

    Love the whole set-up you describe - which I will, of course, be 'borrowing' for Knight City!

    1. Luchadors and luchadoras are the closet are some of the closest things to costumed heroes we have in real life.