Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The Space Monkey Player Character Review

If you ever wanted to play Gleek from Super Friends (and be honest, we all have) then The Space Monkey Player Character was made for you. It's a pay what you want 6-level racial character class for White Star (and by default White Box). Honestly it is what it sounds like. You play a helpful and loyal space simian.

While able to use all tech and intelligent, or at least more intelligent than your average pet, they aren't quite proficient in it and have to make a saving throw to use things properly. A failure means a roll on the (non-lethal) Space Monkey Equipment Mishap chart. They also only have limited ability to communicate. While they do have these issues, they have some cool features to make up for it.

When you make your space monkey you get a cool color based on the type of space monkey you are. They are also have better than average AC's, can track objects anywhere, and are experts at climbing and jumping. Not to mention the fact that they're decently hearty.

If you want something a little different in your White Star game, this is a cool addition. Honestly, the work just as well in a regular White Box game too.

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