Friday, June 8, 2018

The Hag's Hexes

The Hag's Hexes is a 66 page collection of goodies for everyone's favorite monster crones. Released through the DM's Guild. The book is divided into five chapters.

The largest chapters is a bestiary. Monsters range from challenge 1-10. There are several new types of hags, fey and servants of hags, and a few wretched hag offspring. We're even presented with a new pc race, the changeling (which is a classic fey changeling, not Eberron's doppleganger-lite). I think my favorite monsters in the mix were the Hansel and Gretel inspired Candy Hag, Gingerbread Thief, Crul, and Gumdrop Ooze.

The second chapter is quite unique. It deals with bargains and curses, those classical hag abilities that don't tend to get a lot of attention in rpgs. There are six bargains and fifteen curses. I like that even though these things are given name and some rules, there's still a lot left up to the DM and player. This is a nice bit of freedom.

The third chapter focuses on magic items. Most of the items are very rare and Legendary, but that makes them all the more interesting to me. I love unique items. Dread Leanora's Pillow is my favorite of these. While it's cursed, if the curse is removed it has extremely powerful restorative effects, giving the attuned user the benefits of a long rest after only take a short. Most of the items described contain curses, but are still quite interesting.

The fourth chapter is a bit of an expansion to Volo's Guide to Monsters. That book provided some excellent information on hags and this just expands roleplaying the cursing crones. I appreciate that each hag is given minion suggestions and explains the connections the monsters have. We also get an expansion on the coven rules presented in Volo's Guide. Aunties and Grandmothers are given treatment and finally hag tactics are presented.

The final chapter focuses on encounters and adventures. Half of these are encounter groups with a challenge level. The other half of the chapter presents three different adventures centered around some of the new hags presented in the book. 

If you like hags, witches, and faerie tales and play 5th edition then I think this should be a welcome addition to your game. Tim Bannock (author of The Darkness Beneath Dalentown) and crew did a great job mixing classic legends and lore into the game and really fleshing out hags.

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