Friday, June 8, 2018

Critical Role Season 2

I didn't listen to much of the first season, but I'm really enjoying Critical Role's new campaign. While I can't say I love all the characters (a few occasionally get on my nerves), I love listening to the podcast on my drive to work. I've become invested in some of the characters too, just like I would with a tv show or novel series. I know some folks don't like it for various reasons, but I think overall it's enjoyable and is a good thing for the hobby.

I also really dig the retro intro for the season. It's not epic like the last one, but it's pretty amusing.

I like the whole retro vibe so much I jumped at the opportunity to pick up a poster when I saw they temporarily had them back in stock. It was an early father's day present for myself. This is fitting because my son and I listen to it on our long drives. 

You can also check out the characters for this season in animated form here.

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