Thursday, June 7, 2018

Mongrelfolk for White Box


Art by J.M Woiak and Heather Shinn of the STINKYGOBLIN
Mongrelfolk, or "the kin" as they call themselves are monstrous-looking humanoids that live in ruins and edges of civilization. They appear as an amalgam of all the goodly (and not so goodly) mortal races. They all have mismatched features, limbs, horns, eyes, and more. Some have tails and hooves, while other mongrelfolk have feathers and scales. No two look quite the same. Despite their horrendous appearance, they are industrious and typically honest. 

Character Advancement
Mongrelfolk can be clerics, fighters, magic-users, and thieves. They can advance to 5th level in these classes.

Weapon and Armor Restrictions
Mongrelfolk can wear any armor allowed by their class. They must pay double for their chain and plate armor, due to their non-uniform shapes. Non-magical or custom-made armor are slightly less effective providing -1[+1] less than they normally would. Mongrelfolk can use any weapon allowed by their class.

Mongrel Blood
Because of their mixed heritage Mongrelfolk are considered to be all humanoid races. For example, this means that they can use items normally only usable by elves, but are also affected by special weapons meant to slay orcs.

Static Form
Mongrelfolk cannot be affected by magic that changes their shape, such as Polymorph.

Mongrelfolk are experts at sound mimicry. When using this ability the players rolls and successes is achieved on a 1-4 on a d6.

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