Monday, July 9, 2018

DP&D - The Cast

Yesterday I ran my first session of Dark Places & Demogorgons and it was a blast. Tomorrow I'll actually summarize the session and how it went, but today I thought I'd introduce the party.

Jared's sketch of Kit
Kit Brody (played by Jared) - This  Teen Heartthrob is an absolute ladies man and one of the most popular kids at Jeffersontown High School. He grew up with Cassandra and Elliot and despite not wanting to be seen with them in public, he secretly has a good heart and still considers them his best friends. He looks after Jamall, whom he refers to as "the Kid."

Elliot Wess (Played by Alex) -A Hood from the J'town trailer park, Elliot is your friendly local redneck pot dealer. Elliot has three major loves: his momma, his car (an old Pontiac Firebird), and high fantasy. This love of fantasy led him to Dungeons & Dragons and he's the groups DM.

Cassandra Jones (Played by Stephanie) - A  sarcastic Goth (is there any other kind). Cassandra (do not call her Cass or Cassie) is really interested in the occult and cryptozoology, which is one of the reasons she joined Elliot's D&D group. She loves collecting bones and has a morbid collection of oddities. Though she doesn't know it, the ankh she picked up at a local pawn shop is actually a magical amulet.

Jamall Randal Farnsworth (Played by Billie) - The youngest of the group at 14, Jamall is a Kid Scientist who loves tinkering and inventing. He does Kit's homework and his parents are friends with Cassandra's. While he's extremely intelligent, he's pretty gullible too. Jamall has built his own motor scooter, like to play around with his ham radio, and often refers to his friends by their D&D character names. He likes hanging out in the junkyard next to Elliot's house.


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    1. They players are having fun and I think I'm adding two more to the group. I do laugh that all of them are in their mid 20's though. I'm the old man (at 34).