Tuesday, July 10, 2018

DP&D - Episode 1: Chupacabra In Love

The session opened with the cast finishing their Sunday night session of D&D. As usual, Elliot was running the game in the junkyard next to his house. Things wrapped up early, so they decided to go to their other favorite hangout spot, the Pope Lick Trestle. They stopped to get some extra beer (with Cassandra's fake ID) and some non-alcoholic beer for Jamall, then made their way to the spot. Jamal acted really wasted, despite the fact he was really intelligent. The kid just really wanted to fit in and be cool. The shenanigans were interrupted by four teens riding dirt bikes across the trestle. Not wanting to be seen with everyone else, Kit hid behind a tree. When he realized the four young men (Jason, Curt, Patrick, and Alex) weren't from the area he stepped out.

The groups questioned each other about what they were doing. The leader of the group, Jason, mentioned the they were from all parts and were out living it up in the night. Cassandra suggested they were there looking for the Pope Lick Beast. Elliot and Jamall noticed one of the bikes was missing and the kid hopped on it and started tinkering. Kit and Jason started classic male posturing at each other and Jason dared him to ride across the bridge. Wanting to impress everyone and being on a bike already, Jamall whipped it around and road it across the trestle. While he faltered a bit but made it. Having been frightened he relieved himself on a tree when he saw a large figure leaping form tall trees. He hopped back on the bike and about half way across he slipped off it and it went over the edge.

Elliot and Kit rushed to him and helped him back. He was raving about a monster or something in the trees. One of the teens, Curt, was very angry about his bike being wrecked. He stepped up to Jamall and told him he owed him.

"I punch you. You hit the ground. Then we're even."

Elliot stepped in to take the punch but Jamall (who'd secretly been taking martial arts lessons) stopped him. Unfortunately even with his defensive stance, Curt knocked Jamall out cold (and knocked a few of his teeth out). The new comers left. Cassandra gave Jamall some first aid, Elliot snagged the badly busted dirt bike their new "friends" left, and took everyone home.

Kit sweet talked Jamall's mom, who was a bit too hands-y in her thank you. Elliot dropped Cassandra off at her place and Kit at a gas station, near his house. They all agreed to meet up the day at the trestle.

When they arrived they found Jamall looking for his favorite pin and missing teeth. They decided to go to the other side to see if they could find evidence of what spooked Jamall (who had described the thing as a giant demon with glowing red eyes). Eventually a broken tree branch and tracks were found. Cassandra (a lover of cryptozoology) decided since the prints weren't cloven it wasn't the Pope Lick Beast, but could have been a wampus cat. They followed the tracks and soon realized that whatever made them had followed them to their homes.

The group decided to set an ambush in the junk yard. Elliot swiped his mom's shotgun and during a montage the friends made a plan and set traps. Of course, plans are great, but once the beast, a horrid thing with a long tentacle coming out of its mouth the size of a great cat, arrived all bets were off. Cassandra and Kit were overcome with fear. Cassandra cowered in a tower while Kit hopped down onto some mattresses and bolted. Elliot, trust baseball bat with nails in hand, charged the beast and also moved towards the gun. What happened next was a whirlwind. Kit managed to bury a few arrows and Elliot bludgeoned it. Cassandra and Jamall pushed it into a cage and slammed it shut.

Before the group could recover they made a startling discovery. It wasn't alone. A similar creature (this one the size of the bear) attacked the group trying to free it's mate. Jamall braced for its attack and impaled it as the creature sank a claw into his hand. Kit put an arrow in it and Jamall sank his spear deep in its' throat, killing it. Fearing the other would escape, Elliot fired a few shots into the captured chupacabra. The shot hit its mark and blew the creature away. Cassandra used her Polaroid camera to take a picture of the group with the beast (fisherman catch style)

Responding to a call about strange noises and shots fired, a deputy arrived and was startled by the creature, but not as much as the teens expected. He gathered them, told them to step away from the bear, and that they'd need to go to the station. Unfortunately their "Satan books" and dice were discovered (though luckily the chupacbra picture wasn't).

The group gave statements and their parents picked them up. A local preacher spoke to them about the danger the game put their souls in. That night they'd learned that there were some very strange things in J'town and others knew about them.

It took us a while to make characters but that's because we only had one book for the group. I think everyone likes what they've made and are looking forward to the next session (which will probably be the weekend of 20th). There were a few folks present that got there late or didn't make characters because of company. Afterwards they mentioned the game seemed interesting and that they'd wished they could have made characters. I think I'll open up the group to them.


  1. Very cool. Looking forward to following the group's further escapades.

    1. Thank you sir. Next session is a week from Sunday.

  2. Now this will be a fun game. Looking forward to reading how it all goes.

    1. I think I've got some interesting plans. The dirt bike teens were definitely not Lost Children from one of the other sourcebooks...