Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Happy Independence Day!! (Zombie Steve Rogers stats)

I wouldn't call myself a super patriot by any sense of the word, but I love Cap. I think this is also a good time to mention that the SURVIVE THIS!! Vigilante City Kickstarter is still going strong. You should back it. It's what Steve would have wanted...

I wanted to post some new game content, so here's Colonel America (from Marvel Zombies) for SURIVE THIS!! Zombies!

Colonel America
Armor Class: 18
Hit Dice: 10
Move: 12 (Effective Dexterity 18)
Attacks: 2 Per round
Attack Damage: (Effective Strength 18) Bite 1d6 or Shield 1d6 (range 50')
Special: Shield returns when thrown
Pack Size: Solo
Bonuses: +6 to attack and damage
Terror: 16
HDE: 10
Methods of Termination: Reducing to 0 HP and the total destruction of brain

Colonel America's Shield: This nearly indestructible shield deals 1d6 damage. It can be thrown 50' and with training will return to the thrower. Untrained must make a DC 15 d20+dexterity modifier check to catch it. The shield provides a +3 bonus to AC (which can take characters above the normal maximum armor bonus).