Thursday, July 5, 2018

Star Sailors

Star Sailors is a magical girl supplement for White Star by Okum Arts Games. The artwork and layout is really colorful and fun. It's really appropriate and lends itself well to the genre the pdf emulates. While its only 11 pages long, there's quite a bit of content packed in.

The book begins with basics on what a magical girl is. Next we get info on the Star Sailors, the entity that powers them, and their archenemies, The Gloom (who are given stats towards the end of the pdfs). There is quite a bit of discussion about the class itself, including tropes of the genre (alter egos, mascots, girl power, etc). The class itself is pretty flexible and honestly you could have an entire party of Star Sailors and each one would still feel unique. Btw, the class has all classic magical girl elements, including a transformation is a class ability. All Star Sailors have mascots and stats (including charts to customize them) are given. Several campaign ideas are presented, notable for space, modern era, and fantasy. To emulate one of these ideas, The Planetary Defenders, stats are given for Monsters of the Week. These generic stat blocks have charts that let you customize them. The book ends with an adventure structure for typical Star Sailor adventures and some adventure hooks. 

I love this supplement. It's just really fun and unique. Also if would lend itself to other genres and you could easily run a Power Rangers game with this.

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