Saturday, July 7, 2018

Vigilante City Boxed Set

The SURVIVE THIS!! Vigilante City Kickstarter is still going strong. Many stretch have been unlocked the books will be printed with better paper, have more content, have six additional human classes (taking the total up to 21 classes!), and now there's a boxed set option (though technically it looks like that stretch goal hasn't been unlocked yet).

The base boxed set goal includes limited red cover version of of the two books, the box itself, pdfs of both books, a Vigilante City t-shirt, 3 create a vigilante or villains (without art), an A5 sized Vigilante City coloring book, and  a dice set. This goal is 75 (plus shipping). If you up the ammount to 150 (plus shipping) you get an additional regular copy of both books and 1 create a villain or vigilante with art. I'm definitely getting the 75 dollar version, but if I can make the finances work, I'd be happy to drop 150 for the extra copies and art for my creation. 

Folks this is a Kickstarter and company to watch. Bloat Games SURVIVE THIS!! line is already solid and I think with the release of Vigilante City they could become a highly talked about player in the OSR scene. 
The city needs you. Don't fail it!

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