Monday, August 6, 2018

DNH5: Carcosa Review

Welcome to Carcosa!

Backers now have their pdfs for the conclusion of Dark Naga's The Haunting of Hastur series, Carcosa. The 5E adventure is designed for 4-7 characters of level 12, thought optimized for 5 characters of that level.

This adventure takes place immediately after the events of DNH4. The party is trapped in the demiplane of Carcosa. Unfortunately for them, they must hurry or be forever trapped in Hastur's realm. They have 24 hours to find a way or be bound to Carcosa. If they sleep or take a long rest, they are a part of the realm. If they die, they become a part of the realm.

The party must contend with four powerful demons, Grushka and the three brothers that seek to gain her favor. They bicker constantly and smart players will play them off each other. Each demon is powerful, has lots of treasure, and rules a domain. If the party have any chance of escaping they must search these domains, deal with the brothers, and gather information that will lead them home. Each domain is quite unique and stocked with different denizens and loot. Kevin has done and excellent job placing text boxes with useful information through the adventure, to help the flow of the adventure.

The adventure ends with new demon stats. There are three different lesser demons (which have interesting alignments considering they are demons) and stats for the demon lord, abrar (Grushka and the brothers).

The digital version of the adventure also comes with a separate pdf featuring the adventures maps and illustrations.

This is a worthy conclusion to Kevin's the Haunting of Hastur series. The adventure can be played many different ways and that makes it even more useful. It really does work with many different styles of play. The encounters are all challenging and varied.

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