Thursday, August 9, 2018

From the Pages of Punvaraxus - Initial Issues

As I mentioned yesterday I'm creating a new DCC zine called From the Pages of Punvaraxus. I've reached out to a few different folks I know for contributions and the reception has been good. As I mentioned, the first issues will focus on the Seven Deadly Sins.

This is the material I have written or have planned so far:

  1. Sloth 
    • The Cosmic Slacker class - The Dude in DCC form (me)
    • Temple of the High Snoozer - adventure (David Coppoletti) - being revised
    • New Monsters - ditch dwarf, sleep ooze, sentient snuggy (me and David Copoletti) - being revised
    • New Spells (me)
  2. Lust
    • Lilith patron - including all relevant tables and three spells (Delectable Reaper, Lilith's Spite, Lilith Immaculate) (me) -finished
    • New Monsters - daughter of Lilith, scabbed-winged angel, Succubot (me) - finished
  3. Gluttony
    • The Gorger patron - including all relevant tables and three spells (Eat Anything, Glorify Obesity, and Elicit Hunger)
  4. Wrath
  5. Envy
  6. Pride
  7. Greed 
If you have ideas or want to submit, that would be wonderful. Again just reach out to me by sending things to pagesofpunvaraxus at outlook dot com. I want to have the first issue out by Halloween, but I think I can get it out sooner than that.

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