Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Ash Wednesday/October Horror Movie Challenge - Evil Dead (2013)

Synopsis: Trying to help their friend detox, a group of young people unwittingly unleash a great evil.

The Good: I think this movie works because it has elements of the original, but ultimately does it's own thing. I enjoyed the actors and the new characters and was a bit surprised by it.

The Bad: This doesn't have the humor of the any of the flicks from Evil Dead 2 and on. Also, unlike the original Evil Dead, this one takes itself very seriously. There are some pretty brutal scenes, a few that make me wince.

Final Thoughts: I've talked about it before, but this movie is very polarizing. Folks tend to love it or hate it. I'm a fan. I'm sad there were no sequels, because I would have loved to see Mia evolve in to a Deadite fighting machine.

In Your Game:

Here are PC stats for Mia (as of the end of the film).

Mia Allen
Class/Level: (Reformed) Party Animal 3

Str: 11 
Int: 12 
Wis: 10
Dex: 17 (+2)
Con: 14 (+1) 
Cha: 16 (+2)
Sur: 12

Courage: 13
Critical: 12
Death:  15
Mental: 13
Poison: 16

Languages: English

AC: 13 (Necklace, Dexterity) 
HP: 12
Move: 12

Attack Bonus:
Chainsaw +0 to hit, 2d6 damage

Art & Music 1 (+1) 
Paranormal 2 (+2)
Persuasion 3(+8)
Street Smart 3 (+5)

Immune to Telepathy, -1 to all interactions with authority figures

Equipment: Bloodstained dress, chainsaw, buckthorn necklace (+1 to AC)

New To Me Movies Watched: 25
Total Movies Watched: 39


  1. I really like this film and think you've done Mia justice with this write-up. Good work :)

    1. Thank you sir. As I've said else, I think some folks see the Evil Dead franchise as a holy relic that shouldn't be touched. Personally I think there's room in the Evil Dead multiverse for a darker, more brutal version.

      And thanks for the comment about the stats. It felt weird making her a party animal, but given why everyone is at the cabin, it makes sense.

    2. I was pleased they went in a different direction, a straight comedy rehash would have been pointless and a continuation - at that stage - without Ash even worse.