Monday, October 22, 2018

October Horror Movie Challenge - Tremors: A Cold Day In Hell (2018)

Synopsis: Burt Gummer and son, Travis, head to a remote research facility in Canada and soon suspects the government is trying to weaponize graboids. Burt soon finds the fight the fight even more challenging as he discovers he's been infected by a graboid parasite.

The Good: Burt Gummer is a treasure. Yes he's a paranoid libertarian, but from what I've seen there's a lot of things that could be avoided if he was given critical need-to-know information. The new graboids look cool. There's a new character introduced that has a connection to the original film. There's also throwbacks to the events of Tremors 3: Return to Perfection. There's also mention of Burt's ex-wife Heather. I love the continuity of these films.

The Bad: The movie has some too silly moments (like distracting a graboid by peeing off a tower).

Final Thoughts: We're six movies into the Tremors franchise and I'm still a fan. While the movies are all similar, I feel each adds something else to the series.

In Your Game:
Proto Graboid
Armor Class: 16                                     Attack Damage: Tentacles 1d6 (reach 10')
Hit Dice: 8                                               Special: Swallow, Leap
Move:  18 (Burrow)                                Bonuses: +2 to Hit, +5 to Toughness, +3 to Damage
Attack: 3 per round                                 Terror: 16   HDE: 8

Graboids hunt prey by feeling vibrations in the ground. If confronted with extremely loud sudden noises (such as those from an explosion) they will flee in the opposite direction at double their normal movement for 1d6 rounds.

Anyone hit by a proto graboids tentacle must make DC 15 Strength or be pulled towards the proto graboid. If the target is adjacent to the proto graboid then it is swallowed whole and takes 1d6 damage on the proto graboids turn (unless it's in something like a barrel). If a target is hit by all three tentacles in one round it is automatically swallowed.  Instead of using it's tentacle attacks the proto graboid can leap into the air 20' and make a bite attack that does 2d6 damage.

Proto Ass-Blaster
Armor Class: 14                 Attack Damage: Claw 1d6 Damage or Fire Spray 1d4 (Range 15')
Hit Dice: 3                          Special: Fire Spray, Explosive Personality
Move: 12/15 Fly                  Bonuses: +2 to Hit, +2 to Damage, +3 to Toughness
Attack: 1 per round             Terror: 15      HDE: 5

Proto ass-blasters track by heat. Stealth attempts by warm blooded creatures suffer a -4 penalty when hiding from proto ass-blasters. Anyone hit by by the proto ass-blaster's fire spray is ignited. They (or an ally) must take a round to put the fire out or they will take 1d4 points of fire damage on the ass-blaster's next turn. If the ass-blaster takes more than 5 points of  damage from a firearm in one attack it will explode (dealing 2d6 to all within 15', DC 15 Dexterity check to only take half damage).

New To Me Movies Watched: 27
Total Movies Watched: 45

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