Thursday, October 11, 2018

October Horror Movie Challenge - Union Furnace (2015)

Synopsis: Small-town crook Cody is at the end of the line when a mysterious stranger offers him one last chance to save his life. He has to play a game. He soon finds himself trapped with a group of others down on their luck, forced to play games to save their lives and a lot of cash. 

The Good: This movie is set in Union Furnace, Ohio and does a great job of painting small town life in rural Ohio where there are no options. The film is also true to the dialect of the region, such as referring to Cincinnati as Cincy. Mike Dwyer does a fantastic job as the lead, Cody. Also, Seth Hammond is fantastic as the mysterious stranger in the Lion mask. He's just an amazing master of show for the night. Also, Keith David is in the flick and plays the normal grump he does so well.

The Bad: This movie is brutal and bleak. It's not an easy one to watch.  

Final Thoughts: I can't say that I enjoyed this film. It's not really that kind of a movie. However, I did think it was interesting and well shot. Also, as I said earlier, Mike Dwyer did an amazing job in his role as master of ceremonies. 

In Your Game:

Armor Class: 13               Attack Damage: By Weapon
Hit Dice: 3                         Special: Golden Aura, Leadership
Move: 12                           Bonus: +1 to Hit
Attack: 1 per round           HDE: 3

Those trying to attack Lion must make a successful mental save (adding +3 to their roll) in order to attack him. This ability doesn't work if they have no other enemies to target. Allies within 30 feet of Lion gain a +1 to saving throws and AC.

New To Me Movies Watched: 23
Total Movies Watched: 30

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