Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Ash Wednesday - The Gingerdead Man (2005)

Synopsis: When his ashes are mixed into dough, the soul of a killer possesses a gingerbread man and seeks to torment the surviving family members of his last victims.

The Good: Gary Busey is fantastic as the Gingerdead Man. Why? The reason is because the plot to this movie is crazy and so is Gary Busey. Seriously though, even though his work in this flick mainly involves voice acting, it's good stuff. The score of The Gingerdead Man is a nice throwback too. It's reminiscent of other Full Moon flicks.

The Bad: This is a B horror flick through and through. The acting isn't great and some of the characters are pretty hokey. 

Final Thoughts: I enjoyed this movie. As ridiculous as the plot is, this flick is good quality for a B movie. Full Moon Studios flicks are like that though. The have a bit of charm to them.

In Your Game: I recently watched this flick and decided to do it for Ash Wednesday because Millard's stats can be used with the spell from the HoHonomicon.
Millard Findlemeyer the Gingerdead Man
Armor Class:  15                  Attack Damage: By Weapon
Hit Dice:  3                            Special: See below
Move: 12                               Bonus: +2 to Hit
Attacks: 1 per round             Terror: 9    HDE: 3

Because of his size the Gingerdead Man gets a -4 on all rolls related to grappling. Any character that has him grappled can spend an action to bite his head or a limb off (dealing 1d6 to Millard). Unfortunately for the person eating the demonic dessert, Millard possesses the person (eventually turning them into a new Gingerdead Man).

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