Thursday, December 6, 2018

Merry Axemas Day 6 - Jack Frost (1997)

Note: This is not how Jack looks in the film.
Synopsis: An infamous serial killer named Jack Frost is in a bizarre accident that transforms him into a mutant snowman while on the way to his execution. Changed into a killer snow man he seeks revenge on the small town sheriff that originally brought him to justice.

The Good: Scott McDonald's Jack Frost is essentially a snow man version of Chucky. That's a good thing. There are some fun kills and a few nice jokes.

The Bad: The acting and everything about this is B movie. The effects aren't great and the characters are pretty ridiculous caricatures. 

Final Thoughts: I watched this for the October Horror Challenge a few years ago and just really didn't like it. While I think it's still cheesy as Hell, I enjoyed it a lot more my second viewing.

In Your Game: 

Jack Frost
Armor Class: 12                        Attack Damage: Icicle 1d6 (Melee or range 20')
Hit Dice: 2                                  Special: Cold Aura, Damage Immunity
Move: 12/24 (over ice)               Bonus: +2 to hit
Attack: 1 per round                    HDE: 3

Jack Frost  is immune to all non-heat based damage. You can cut or smash him, but he simply reforms. He can cause himself to melt and reform, allowing him to get past doors. He can be halted by heat which will cause him to melt. He can still refreeze, but this at least slows him down. The only way to  defeat him is to expose him to chemicals such as antifreeze.

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