Saturday, May 25, 2019

Brightburn (2019)

Synopsis: A small town Kansas couple that have been unable to have a child think they've recieved a miracle when the discover a small alien craft with a baby boy in the woods near their house. They raise the young boy and name him Brandon. Unfortunately for humanity, around his 12th birthday young Brandon finds out just how special he is. 

The Good: I thought this movie was an outstanding take on the superhero genre as seen through a horror lens. There were some fantastically disturbing scenes and while the body count throughout most of the film isn't high, when someone bites it, they do so painfully and there's typically a lot of blood. In contrast to the horror I though the cast did a phenomenal retelling Superman's origin. There was an earnest and real feeling to the family portrayed. It was heartfelt. Finally, I won't go into detail about the credits scene, but I it was outstanding!

The Bad: I've never been a fan of jump scares in horror and this has a few. It's easy for me to say this because I didn't make the movie, but I would have liked Brandon's change to be more organic, like that of  Plutonian in Irredeemable.

Final Thoughts: The movie wasn't perfect, but it was everything I expected it to be and I really enjoyed it. I liked seeing some familiar faces from Gunn's past films.

In Your Game: A character like Brandon would make a dangerous and troubling foe for a team of vigilantes. That's next week's Vigilante File is inspired by him. Check out the artwork Josh created for it.

Also if you want to play a Kroptionian-esque character in your game  you can check out my Paragon class.

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