Saturday, May 18, 2019

Stand back, there's a Hurricane coming through Vigilante City!

As I've mentioned several times on this blog, I'm huge fan of superheroes and wrestling. That's why Shane Hurricane Helms is one of my all time favorites. I decided to pay tribute to the man by giving him statics for Bloat Games Vigilante City. I hope I do the man justice. Finally while looking for a good picture to pair with this post I found some sweet Hurricane merch here. I need at least two of those shirts and the toy (which I will most likely order when I get paid).

The Hurricane

"Crime never sleeps, crime fighters sleep even less," - Hurricane Helms

Name: Hurricane Helms
Real Name: Shane Helms
Alignment: Law
Class: Martial Artist
Level: 5

Str: 14 (+1)
Int: 12 (+0)
Wis: 13 (+1)
Dex: 18 (+3)
Con: 14 (+1)
Cha: 13 (+1)
Sur: 12

Courage: 14
Critical: 14
Death: 13
Magic: 10
Mental: 11
Poison: 9

Languages: English

AC: 15 (Dex, Class, Costume)
HP: 30
Toughness: -
Move: 12

Initiate: +3

Unarmed Attack
+4 to Melee attacks, d4+3 damage

Basic Athletics 4 (+5)
Combat Training 1 
Investigation 2 (+3)
Piloting: Basic 1 (+4)
Stealth 2 (+5)
Parkour 4 (+7)

Special Traits
Cobra Strikes (for entire round can take -2 to damage to gain an extra melee attack and get +2 to attacks)
Iron Fists (2/day lose 2 from attack roll to gain +2 damage, the attack ignores 3 points of toughness)
Quickened (+3 to Move, +1 to AC, +2 to Initiative, gain Seize the Moment +1, run at X3 move)
Iron Fists )

Equipment: Hurricane Belt, Costume (Padded Light Armor)


The Hurricane will use his speed and swift strikes to wear down his foes until he is able to hit them with the Eye of the Hurricane or occasionally the Hurrichoke Slam.

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