Wednesday, May 22, 2019

The Barn (2016)

Synopsis: In 1989, Sam and his friend Josh enjoy their last Halloween before adulthood with a group of friends. Things take a dark and bloody turn with the teens awaken demons of a local legend.

The Good: The movie is set in the late 80's and everything about it feels like that. It even has fake cigarette burns at times. However, unlike many modern movies set then, it doesn't turn it into a joke. It's just very true to the spirit of the setting. I really enjoyed the main characters. Their friendship was admirable and I could relate. Sam's eccentric Halloween rules also made me smile. You can tell the movie doesn't have a large budget, but the kills are still cool. The demon designs are awesome!

The Bad: I really don't have any complaints about this one.

Final Thoughts: This is Dark Places & Demogorgons, the movie. Sam and Josh's town could easily be J'town. I loved this flick. It really might be my favorite horror movie of the last two years. Also, like the last few horror flicks I've talked about, it is on Tubi. Finally check out this retro comercial for the mobile game based on the movie.

In Your Game: Here are the three demons for Dark Places & Demogorgons.

Hallowed Jack (The Watcher)
Armor Class: 13
Hit Dice/Points: 3 (15 HP)
Move: 12
Actions: 1
Attack: Unarmed (d6)
Special: Can see through jack-o-lantern's and cause them to bite anything in their mouth (d6 damage), if killed he can resurrect himself via unsmashed pumpkin or jack-o-lantern, once per combat he can cause pumpkin vines to entangle opponents (action to break free, DC 10 Str check), defoliants cause 2d6 damage a turn 
Bonuses: +2 to all Saving Throws, +3 to attacks, +2 to damage,
Morale: 10
Terror: 12
HDE: 5

Boogeyman (Satan's Lieutenant)  
Armor Class: 15
Hit Dice/Points: 5 (30 HP)
Move: 12
Actions: 1
Attack: Claw (d6) or Pickaxe (d8)
Special: Regenerates 1 HP a round unless decapitated
Bonuses: +3 to all Saving Throws, +4 to attacks, +3 to damage,
Morale: 10
Terror: 14
HDE: 5

Candy Corn Scarecrow (Guardian of the Harvest)
Armor Class: 14
Hit Dice/Points: 4 (20 HP)
Move: 12
Actions: 1
Attack: Bite (d6) or Reaping Hook (d6+2)
Special: Regenerates 1 HP a round unless decapitated, takes double damage from fire
Bonuses: +4 to all Saving Throws, +3 to attacks, +2 to damage,
Morale: 10
Terror: 13
HDE: 5

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